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Tugboat Protector Assists Vessel Carrying World's Widest Tunneling Machine to Seattle
Bertha, the world's widest tunnel boring machine, has been safely delivered from Japan to the Port of Seattle, a 5,000-mile journey made possible by way of a jumbo cargo ship, Fairpartner. As the oversized vessel approached Seattle's Elliott Bay earlier this month, it was met by Crowley's 5,550 HP tractor tug, Protector, which provided the ship assist necessary to ensure a safe entry into the port. Due to its extreme size, Bertha was shipped in 41 separate pieces (the largest of which weighed 900 tons), but will be assembled before being put to use to create a two-mile tunnel beneath downtown Seattle, a project slated to begin this summer. For entertaining updates on Bertha's progress, click here or follow her on Twitter (@BerthaDigsSR99). Crowley tugs safely assist and escort more than 3,000 vessels a year entering and exiting Puget Sound.

Crowley Tugs and Barges Support Heerema in the U.S. Gulf
Crowley's ocean class tug Ocean Wind and barge 455 9 were caught on camera during a towing project to deepwater Gulf of Mexico for customer Heerema, which is providing installation services in support of petroleum company Anadarko's spar platform, Lucius. For this run, the 455 9 departed the Port of West St. Mary's, La., loaded with suction piles that will soon be driven into the sea floor and attached to cable tendons to hold the floating spar platform in place at sea. The platform is being constructed to produce, store and pump oil via pipeline to land. The company's invader class tugs will also be involved in the project, for which Crowley is scheduled to deliver several more 455 series barge loads of equipment, including additional piles, tendons and topsides.

Crowley Improves Petroleum Tank Gauging Process with Web-Based System

Crowley's Ft. Yukon, Alaska, petroleum distribution team recently added an automated, web-based tank gauging system, which has significantly improved the process, safety and accuracy of checking the fuel levels and the temperature of each tank. The new system now provides real-time, online reporting and also comes equipped with a high-level alarm system to protect against overfilling. Previously, the gauge reading procedures required employees to manually take the readings from the top of each tank, a much more time-intensive process.

Updated: May 9, 2013

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Bicycle Safety
Before hitting the road, make sure your bike and body are well prepared. Consider these tips before riding:
Just like a car, your bike needs routine maintenance. Check your brakes regularly, keep your tires inflated and adjust the seat to fit your height.
Obtain the proper accessories: mirrors, reflectors, a bell and a helmet. In some states a headlight and taillight are required by law when riding at night.
Your bike is in shape, but are you? Before taking a long trip, start with shorter trips and stretch beforehand.
Dress for the part. Wear light and reflective clothing at night. Dress in layers for long trips.
Strategies for preventing collisions:
Always ride in a straight line and as far to the right of the bike lane as possible, while remaining visible to drivers. Use hand signals if you are slowing down or turning.
Make eye contact with other drivers to ensure that they see you. They will also likely give you more respect on the road if you do so.
Watch for hazards like piles of leaves, puddles, gravel and other dangers that could cause you to lose control. In the city, watch for manhole covers, sewer grates and surfaces that could become slick if wet.
Obey the law. Since laws vary by state, make sure you know the rules beforehand. Red lights and stop signs apply to cyclists, too.

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